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Hainan Island Trip







Photo taken at Li tribe village, Hainan island, China.


Coconut Trees are the symbol of Hianan Island.



     Hainan Island or Hainan Dao (海南島) as it is always called, is located in the South China Sea, separated from Guangdong's Leizhou Peninsula(廣東雷州半島) to the north by a narrow strait.

     Literally, it means “South of the Sea”. It is the second largest island in China(Taiwan is China’s largest island), but it is the smallest province of the PRC(People’s Republic of China). It is also the largest Special Economic Zone(經濟特區) laid out by former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping(鄧小平) in the late 1980 on China’s “Open Door” policy. Its capital city is Haikou(海口).



Yalong Bay

Sunset in Hianan Island


     In the year of 2007, we embarked on a week’s extensive tour to the island. We started from Haikou(海口)for " Round the Island Tour" and visited the following scenic spots:



Beautiful beach in Hainan

Wenchang Chicken of "white cutting" is one of the four famous Hainan cuisine


    (1) Haikou(海口):

     We visited  Dongjiao Coconut Plantation (東郊椰樹林) and Dongzhai Harbour Mangrove Natural Reserve Area(東寨紅樹林 ),Holiday Beach(假日海灘), Siewyin Fort(秀英炮台), Evergreen Park(萬綠園),Golden-Cow Park (金牛嶺公園),Qiongtai Academy(瓊台書院),Dongpo Academy(蘇公祠),Boao Golden Coast Sightseeing (博鰲旅遊風景區),Hairui Tomb(海瑞墓園),Five Lords(Officers) Temple(Wugong Temple五公祠);



Haikou City, the Capital of Hianan Island.

A Green Garden


(2)Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden(興隆植物園):

     We visited Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden(興隆熱帶植物園) , the biggest of its kind in China, which was located in Xinlong and built in 1957 covering an area of 400,000 sq.meters with 1,200 tropical plants. Though, all of us in the group came from tropical country, it was a wonderful experience to know what coconuttrees,coco,coffee, peppers and many other tropical plants looked like as we might never see them before;



Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

Evergreen Park

    (3) Li Tribe and Cultural Village(黎族村風情):

     We were also taken to visit local tribe Li’s Cultural Village and witnessed their folk dance and wedding ceremony. In old days, Li women were not considered to be pretty unless they were to be distinguished by tattoos on their faces, necks, torsos, hands and legs. Since this was quite cruel, it was no longer existed nowadays.



Li "Tattoos" Arts

A traditional Li tribe house in Hainan



    (4) Sanya(三亞):

     We visited  Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Tourism Zone(南山佛教文化旅遊區),Beauty Crown Cultural Centre(美麗之冠) Tianya Haijiao Park(天涯海角),Luhuitou Park(鹿回頭)Xiao Donghai(小東海), Dadonghai Beach(大東海海灘),Yalong Bay(亞龍灣);



Li tribe wedding

Sanya is a coastal city located in the southern most tip of Hainan Island.


     Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Tourism Zone(南山佛教文化旅遊區)is one of the largest cultural tourist attractions of its kind in China. It is situated 40 km from Sanya City. With an area of 66 acres, it is believed to be the biggest buddhist preaching site ever established in PRC. Nanshan, Literally means “Southern Mountain “(南山) is known to represent longevity according to Chinese mythology.



Tianya Haijiao Literally means “The Edge of the Sky” and "The End of the Sea".
 It was the remotest corner of earth in ancient times.

The key feature of the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Tourism zone is a three-sided
statue of Guan Yin Buddha,stands 108 metres tall in the sea.


     The key feature of the zone is a three-sided statue of Guan Yin Buddha(三面觀音菩薩), Buddhist Temples, spectacular landscape and sea views. The bronze statue of Guan Yin Buddha(觀音菩薩) stands 108 metres tall in the sea. It is covered with 100 kg of gold and silver, embedded with 120 carats of South African diamonds plus countless jewels, and containing two sacred buddhist relics. It's larger than the Statue of Liberty in USA(自由女神像).



Dongjiau is best-known as a coconut forest area.

Beauty Crown Cultural Centre where Miss World was born


     According to the Tour Guide, Master Jianzhen(鍳真大師,688-763) the renowned monk in Tang Dynasty(唐朝), tried in vain five times to sail eastward to Japan in order to preach Buddhism. On his fifth sail to Japan, he was drifted to Nanshan. While staying in Nanshan for one year and a half, he set up a temple and did missionary work. He finally succeeded in his sixth voyage to Japan. The famous Japanese travel monk named Konghai(日本著名遣唐僧空海大和尚,774-835)also landed Nanshan on his way to learn Buddhism in Tang Dynasty(唐朝)




Qiu Jun Cemetery: A Hainanese gifted scholar

Siewyin Fort


     Apart from preaching Buddhism, Nanshan’s Felicity and Longevity Culture Park also reflects an atmosphere of peace, harmony and long life. This is also in coincidence with Chinese traditional culture and blessings “Good fortune as vast as East Sea, Long Life as great as Nanshan Mountain”(福如東海,壽比南山). Nanshan, with its harmony and beauty, is now a tourist destination attracting more and more tourists coming from all over the world.



Boao Forum for Asia

Holiday beach in Haikuo city


     Tianya Haijiao(天涯海角) is located about 20 km of Sanya City. It is a beach with beautiful sand and stones,deep blue sky and lush green hills. On the beach, there is a huge rock inscribed with two big Chinese characters “天涯”, Literally means “The Edge of the Sky”. Another rock inscription nearby reads "The End of the Sea"(海角). Because here is considered as the remotest corner of earth in ancient times. The Emperors from Tang to Song Dynasty(唐宋兩朝)used to send officers out of their favour here in exile . Those who were banished here had no chance to return due to its remoteness. Tianya Haijiao(天涯海角)is a very famous beach in Sanya,particularly for young lovers owing to its romantic Romeo and Juliet legendary story.



Golden-Cow Park

Hairui Tomb- An Officer of justice and incorruptibility


     Sanya(三亞) is a coastal city located in the southern most tip of Hainan Island. Its tropical scenery has attracted more and more holiday-goers to spend their vacations in the beautiful beaches such as Xiao Donghai(小東海), Dadonghai(大東海), Sanya Bay (三亞灣)and Ya Long Bay(亞龍灣) . The latter is well-known as “Hawaii of the Orient”. To me, all these beaches are much better than Pattaya(巴提雅)in Thailand or Vung Tau(頭頓)in Vietnam. We only enjoyed seafoods in Dadonghai restaurant.



Dongzhai Harbour Mangrove Natural Reserve Area

Luhuitou Park


     On our first day in Sanya,we visited the Luhuitou Park or Deer Turns Back(鹿回頭)and took some photos there. Luhuitou Park(鹿回頭公園) was really a good place to get a bird’s eye view on Sanya City.The Tour Guide then told us about the romantic story of Luhuitou Park(Deer Turns Back) as below:



Qiongtai College

Wugong Temple

     “Long time ago, a young Li tribe(黎族) hunter ran after a deer from the Mt Wuzhi(五指山) to the South China Sea. When the deer ran near to the sea, she could not find a place to hide except jumping into the sea . At this moment, the hunter bent his bow and got ready to shoot. Suddenly a flame sparked out into the sky, the deer turned her head back and changed into a beautiful girl instantly. Soon, the hunter and the fairy girl fell in love and settled down here. “



At the Confucius Temple in Wenchang, Sanya.

Soong's Old House



     In Wenchang(文昌縣), we ate its delicious Wenchang Chicken(文昌雞) and seafoods at Donggjiau Town(東郊椰林小鎮). Dongjiau(東郊椰林) is best-known as a coconut forest area. There is a saying “Wenchang produces half of the coconuts in Hainan while Dongjiao produces half of the coconuts in Wenchang.” The Tour Guide said that there were approximately 500,000 coconut trees in Wenchang. In the afternoon, we visited the Confucius Temple (文昌孔廟)and Soong's Old House(宋氏祖居) The Wenchang Confucius Temple was built to honour Confucius, the most famous philosopher in Chinese history. It was built in the 11th centurary. The Soong’s Old House was the birth place of of Charlie Soong(宋耀如), father of Soong Ai-ling(宋靄齡, 1889-1973),  Soong Ching-ling(宋慶齡, 1893-1981), Soong May-ling(宋美齡,1897-2003.). 



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