河南訪古游 Ancient Henan Tour (2008年) 首页 我的遊記 河南訪古游 Ancient Henan Tour (2008年)
(一)河南概述 About Henan:1.我终于来到了中原 Eventually I have arrived Zhongyuan(Central Plains Of China)2.因“甲骨文”的发现而名扬世界 Renowned For The Discovery Of
4.得中原者得天下,成兵家必争之地 One Who Controlled Tshungyan Also Won The Whole Country 5.人文自然景观众多,全都具独特的魅力 Unique And Abundant Natural Scenery 6.人杰地灵,英才辈出 Thousands Of Well-Known People In History
7.物华天宝,人口众多 Abundant Natural Products And Large Population 8.河南的特色: “古、河、拳、根、花”五个字 Special Characteristics Of Henan: A Description of 5 Chinese Characters
(二) 郑州 Zhengzhou: 1.郑州市简介 About Zhengzhou(1)中原绿城 A Green City(2)历史悠久,文化灿烂 Long History And Rich Culture(3)第八大古都 Recognised As The 8th Ancient Capital(4)“二七”广塲,黄河路市场 Zhengzhou 27 Square And Huanghe Road Market
2.轩辕黄帝故里 Huangdi Mausoleum(Yellow Emperor):(1)新郑---轩辕黄帝诞生地 The Birth Place Of Huangdi(Yellow Emperor)(2)华夏子孙共同祖先 Common Ancestor Of All Han Chinese(3)华夏龙根荫前裕后,人文始祖耀古烁今 A Couplet(Duilian)
(4)中华第一古都 Yellow Emperor Hometown Dubbed As China's First Ancient Capital(5)天下第一鼎 No.1 Ding(Tripods)In Yellow Emperor's Hometown(6)炎黄子孙寻根拜祖的圣地 Pilgrimage By Han Offsprings For Ancestor Worship
3.古城遗址 Ancient City Ruins:(1)商城遗址 Shang Dynasty City Ruins(2)大河村遗址、裴李岗遗址 Dahecun Remains And Peiligang Remains 4.河南博物院 Henan Museum
5.黃河風景名勝區 Zhengzhou Yellow Scenic Area:(1)不登长城非好汉,不看黄河心不甘 A Common Chinese Saying (2)黃河大觀 Yellow River(3)黃河遊覽區 Yellow River Tourist Spot(4)乘坐气垫船畅游黄河 Yellow River Cruise
(三)南阳 Nanyang: 1.南阳简介 About Nanyang(1)中原粮仓 The Rice Store Of Tshungyan(2)人杰地灵, 圣人产地 Nanyang Has Produced A Great Number Of Sage And Historical Celebrities
2.恐龙蛋化石博物馆 Dinosaur Museum (1)世界第九大奇迹 The 9th Wonders Of The World(2)西峡恐龙遗迹馆 Xixia Dinosaur Park Remains(3)仿真恐龙像 Simulation Dionsaurs(4)恐龙蛋化石 Dinosaur Egg Fossils
3.武侯祠 Wuhou Memorial Temple(1)诸葛孔明,躬耕南阳 Zhuge Liang(2)千古人龙, 三顾坊 Zhuge Liang Was A Dragon Of Human Beings And Three Visits To The Thatched Cottage(3)心在朝廷原无论先主后主,名高天下何必辨襄阳南阳 A Couplet (Duilian)
(4)神游往古,浮想联翩 Thinking About The Past Has Aroused A Lot Of Inspirations(5)岳飞手迹健拔雄伟 Yue Fei's Calligraphy(6)诸葛草庐 Zhuge Liang Hut
4.医圣祠 Zhongjing Medical Shrine(1)阴阳有三,辨病还需辨証;医相无二,活国在于活人 A Couplet(Duilian)(2)创制“祛寒娇耳”汤 Chinese Herbal Medicine For Thyroid Treatment(3)对抗伤寒,救济众生 Herbal Thyroid Medication
(4)善德善心善行尤缘善医至善,名山名水名胜更因名人而名 A Couplet (Duilian) (5)古代六大名医 6 Famous Doctors In Ancient China (6)春台亭、秋风阁 Two Pavillions
(四) 登封 Dengfeng 1.登封简介 About Denfeng:(1)武术之乡 Home Of Shaolin(2)禅宗少林音乐大典 Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony
2.永泰寺 Yongtaisi(1)千年古剎,尼僧祖庭 Thousand Years History Of Niseng Temple(2)最早的尼僧寺院 The Earliest Nun Temple In China(3)三位皇家公主在此出家 Three Royal Princesses Became Buddhist Nuns Here
(4)建筑技艺精美,古朴典雅大方 An Artistic And Elegant Temple(5)佛爷凉伞”---娑罗树 (6) 永泰素斋,美味可口 Famous Vegetarian Foods (7) 女子武校,博文精武 Kung-Fu School For Females
3.嵩阳书院 Songyang Academy:(1)中岳嵩阳寺碑 Zhongyue(Central Mountain)Songyang Monument(2)书院嵩阳景最清,石幢犹记故宫铭 Qing Emperor Qianlong's Poem(3)古代四大着名书院之一 One Of The Four Famous Ancient Academy In China
(4)儒学传播圣地 Sacred Place For Promoting Confucianism(5)树龄4,500年以上的 “将军柏” 4,500-Year-Old Cypress(6)“智立唐碑”传说故事 The Story Of Tang Dynasty Inscription
4.嵩山 Songshan:(1)达摩曾在山中修行面壁9年 Damo's 9-Year Retreats Facing The Wall Meditation(2)中国功夫惊天下,天下功夫出少林 Chinese Kung-Fu Originated From Shaolin
5.少林寺 Shaolin Temple:(1)佛教的禅宗祖庭,中国功夫发源地 Home Of Zen Buddhism And Chinese Kung-Fu(2)禅宗修行的禅法称“壁观” Dharma Wall Concept Called "Wall View"(3) 南北少林 North-South Shaolin (4) 天下第一名剎 No.1 Well-known Temple
(5)留存文物相当丰富 Abundant Cultural Relics(6)达摩祖师传授衣钵的地点---立雪亭 Li Xue Ting---The Place Where Damo Found His Heir Apparent(7)少林寺三宝 Three Shaolin Treasures(8)塔林 Tallinn Shaolin Temple(Monk's Grave)
(五)洛阳 Luoyang 1.洛阳简介 About Luoyang:(1)千年帝都,牡丹花城 A Peony City(2)若问古今兴废事,请君只看洛阳城 Sima Guang's Poem(3)历史厚重,九朝古都 Long History With Nine Dynasties(4)诗都,花都 Capital Of Poetry And Flowers
2.洛阳牡丹花会 Luoyang Peony Festival(1)洛阳牡丹甲天下 Luoyang Peony No.1 In The World(2)洛阳地脉花最宜,牡丹尢为天下奇 Luoyang's Climate And Soil Are Suitable For Peony Blossoms(3)武则天贬牡丹传说 Legend On Empress Wuzetian Concerning Peony
(4)唯有牡丹真国色,花开时节动京城 Liu Yuxi's Poem(5)花开花落二十日,一城之人皆若狂 Bai Juyi's Poem 3.中华文化摇篮,出土文物众多 Cradle Of Chinese Culture And Abundant Unearthed Relics(1)河图洛书 Hetuluoshu
(2)古都、名寺、名花、名菜、祖根为旅游卖点Tourist Attractions: Ancient Capital,Famous Temples, Flowers,Cuisines and Ancestral Roots4.洛阳典故 Some Chinese Idioms Originated from Luoyang:(1)洛阳纸贵(2)司马昭之心,路人皆知(3)名寺.(4)鲤鱼跳龙门(5)武则天与洛阳假燕菜
5.天子驾六博物馆 Museum Of The Emperor Driving Six(1)天子驾六简述 Tianzijialiu In Brief(2)东周文物区,车马坑展区 Dong Zhou Cultural relics And Luoyang Chariot Pits Tomb(3)天子驾六发现经过 The Discovery Of Emperor Driving Six
6.龙门石窟 Longmen Grotto(1)卢舍那佛被视为武则天的化身 The Main Buddha Losana Is dubbed As Embodiment Of Empress Wuzetian(2)奉先寺 Fengxian Temple(3)历史沿革 A Gist Of History(4)石窟雕刻艺术,令人叹为观止 The Arts Of Grotto Sculpture Are Amazing
7.白马寺 Baima Temple(1)中国佛教的发源地 The Birth Place Of China Buddhism(2)四十二章经,僧祗戒心 42 Lessons of Buddhist Teachings and Disciplines for Monks(3)佛光普照,法轮常转 The Buddhism Couplet: The Turning Of the Wheel(4)天雨虽宽不润无根之草,佛门广大不渡无缘之人 The Buddhism Couplet
8.关林 Guanlin Temple(1)光昭日月,威扬六合 The Sun Shines Day After Day But The Fame And Reputation of Guanyu Remain High Due to his Far-Reaching Influence(2)头帎洛阳,身困当阳,魂归故乡 Guanyu's Head Rested Luoyang,The Body Trapped Danyang,Soul To The Homeland
(3)关羽生平简介 About Guanyu(4)关羽的故事Guanyu Story 9.康百萬莊園 Kangbaiwan Mansions:(1)慈禧太后封賜“康百萬" The Title " Millionaire Kang" Was Given by Empress Dowager Cixi (2) 康家歷史及其發跡經過 Kang's Family History (3) 院落房舍,裝飾華麗 Beautiful Houses And Elegant Decorations
(4)康百萬莊園有如欧洲中世纪古城堡 Kangbaiwan Mansions Like Medieval Castles In Europe(5)“頂子床”和 “留餘匾” Tingtze Bed And The Family Couplet(6)富甲三省,船行六河 The Richest Man In Three Provinces And His Boat Sailed Six Rivers(7)中國三大“活財神”Three Richest Men In China
(六)安阳 Anyang 1.安阳简介 About Anyang: (1) 古称 “相州、彰德府" Its Ancient Name:"Xiangzhou" (2) 中华民族之根The Root Of Chinese Culture (3) 重要工业基地 An Important Industrial Base (4) 豫北粮仓 Rice Field For Northern Henan(5) 风光旖旎,美景如画 Beautiful Scenery
(6)黄土下文明有多少? How Many Civilizations Underneath The Loess?(7)中国八大古都 One Of The Eight China Ancient Capitals(8)洹水安阳名不虚,三千年前是帝都 Guomaruo's Poem(Famous Historian)2.殷墟遺址 Yin Xu Ruins:(1)中原文化殷创始,观此胜于读古书 Central Plains Culture Commenced From Yin Xu
(2)迎面而来的历史沧桑感 The Feeling Of Historical Vicissitudes(3)司母戊大鼎 Simuwu
3.袁林 Yuanlin:(1)竊國大盜袁世凱的墓園 Yuan Shikai Tomb(2)恢复帝制,众叛亲离,郁郁而终 Yuan Shikai Wanted To Restore Imperial Rule Unsuccessfully And Later Died Unhappily(3)反面教材,教育后人 An Opposite Lesson For The Future Generations
(4)袁世凯简史 Biography Of Yuan Shikai 4.麥理城遺址 "Escort In The City" Remains (1) 第一座国家监狱 China's First Prison (2)“周易”与命理学的发源地 The Birth Place Of The "Book Of Change" (3) 走不出“八卦阵”Unable To Get Out From "Bagua Zhen" (Chinese Ancient Battle Formation)
5.岳飛廟 Yuefei Temple:(1)半壁河山争致慨,一朝君相各怀私 A Poem From An Unknown Tourist(2)汤阴岳飛廟 Tangyin Yuefei Temple(3)击桧之首,永不首痛 Hitting Qinhui's Head People will Not Suffer Headache Any More(4)大樹無枝向北風,千年遺恨泣英雄 Gaoqi's Poem (Ming Dynasty Poet)
(5)四子祠 The Temple Of Yuefei's Four Son(6)虎女甘随亲入地,娥眉不与贼同天 A Couplet ( Duilian)(7)岳飞生平简述 Biography Of Yuefei(8)撼山易,撼岳家军难 It Was Easy To Shake A Mountain, But Was Difficult To Defeat Yuefei's Army
(9)满江红:莫等闲白了少年头,空悲切……小重山: 知音少,弦断有谁听?Yuefei's Poem (Song Dynasty General)(10)驱金复国,知音难求 Yuefei Was A Lone Figfter For leading The Defence Of Southern Song Against Invaders Of Jin Dynasty In The Nothern China
(11)千秋功过,自有定论 The Pros And Cons Of His Legacy Come From The Later Generations.6.文峰塔 Wenfeng Tower:(1)文风的象征 The Symbol Of Scholaristic(2)上大下小如雨伞状,历经战火巍然屹立 The Tower Looks Like An Umbrella And Erects There After Various Wars
7.红旗渠名胜游览区 Red Flag Canal( Hongqiqu):(1)人工天河,中国水长城 The River Was Constructed By Human Labour And Considered As China's Water Great Wall(2)红旗渠精神 The Spirit Of Red Flag Canal
(3)分水苑、青年洞、络丝潭三大风景区 Watershed,Youth Cave, And Network Wire Lake Three Major Scenic Sites 8.太行大峡谷风景区、王相岩 Taihang Grand Canyon
(七)开封 Kaifeng 1.开封简介 About Kaifeng:(1)清明上河图、东京梦华录 Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden And Dongjingmenghualu(2)城下埋有三朝遗址 Three Ancient Cities Were Buried Underneath The Present Kaifeng City(3)琪树明霞五凤楼,夷门自古帝王州 A Chinese Poem
(4)字画之乡,戏曲之乡 Home Of Chinese Painting,Calligraphy And Opera 2.清明上河园 Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden:(1)再现宋代风物景观 Reappearance The Life Of Song Dynasty(2)历尽劫难的名画“清明上河图” Famous Painting: Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden
(3)宋都御街、宋都一條街 Song Royal Street Or Song Capital Street 3.开封府、包公祠 Kaifeng Mansion And Lord Bao Memorial Temple: (1)開封府官衙文化---廉政剛毅 Lord Bao Culture: Incorruptible And Fortitude(2)公生明 Upholding Justice And Honesty(3)包拯五言铭志诗 Lord Bao's Poem
(4)包拯廬山真面目,文質彬彬一書生 Lord Bao Was A Polite Scholar(5)“包青天”---包拯簡介 Biography Of Lord Bao(6)疾惡如仇扶正祛邪,光明磊落一代完人 Lord Bao Was A Man Of Righteousness And Perfection 4.山陝甘會館 Shanxi,Shaanxi And Gansu Association
5.铁塔 Iron Tower(1)铁塔行云 Beautiful Tower On the Sky 6.龍亭 Longting
Ancient Henan Tour (2008)
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