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China's Most Beautiful Village






Photo taken at Wuyan Old Village, Jiangxi Province, China.

 “The most beautiful Village of China”---Wuyan

The traditional lifestyle of Wuyan village



     Wuyan(婺源) is known to be “The most beautiful Village of China”( 中國最美麗鄉村). It is full of natural beauty and  environmental friendly. Its Old Huizhou Culture(徽州文化), traditional lifestyle, custom and folklores have attracted tourists from all over the world. It has been accepted by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site.

     We visited the village after our Yellow Mountain(Huangsan黃山) Tour.



Old Huizhou Culture: Ancient House

Old Huizhou Culture: Ancient Shrine

Old Huizhou Culture: Ancient Arche



     We were told that there were 18 old villages in Wuyan, of which we visited  three typical ones, namely  Lee Hang(李坑) , Wangkou(汪口)and Shawhee(曉起). Wuyan also boasted as a traditional education centre and tea centre. The most famous Chinese ancient scholars Zhu Xi(朱熹) and Zhan Tianyou(詹天佑) were born here.However, its natural and traditional beauty have not been affected by rapid growth of urbanization and modernization in China.
     Visiting above villages in Wuyan, one can see a strong influence and expression of Huizhou Culture(徽州文化). 


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