絲路紀行 Silk Road Tour (2007) 首页 我的遊記 絲路紀行 Silk Road Tour (2007)
(一)丝绸之路概述 Silk Road---Introduction:1.丝路的历史背景 Historical Background(1)汉武帝开创丝绸之路 Han Emperor Liu Che First Started The Silk Road(2)丝路历史逾二千年 Over 2000 Years In History
2.丝路上的百年悲情 Over Hundred Years Pathos On Silk Road:(1)发现藏经洞的经过 Discovery Of The Sutra Cave On Silk Road(2)丝路上的主要历史人物 Important Historical Figures On Silk Road
(3)敦煌在中国,研究在外国 Dunhuang In China But Its Study In Foreign Countries(4)斯坦因---敦煌文物的知音人 M.A. Stein Was The Soul Mate Of Dunhuang Cultural Relics
3.“丝绸之路”名称的由来? How Was The Name Silk Road Called?(1)东西方在丝路相会改变整个世界 East Meets West Changing The Whole World(2)德国学者首创丝路名称 The Name "Silk Road" Was First Created By A German Scholar
4.古丝路路线 Old Silk Road Route(1)西安是古丝路的起点 Old Silk Road Started From Xian(2)90%古遗址处于濒危之中 90% Cultural Ruins Were At Stake
(二)古都西安 Ancient Capital---Xian :1.陕西简介 About SHAANXI Province 2.西安市 Xian City:(1)古称 “长安、京兆” Its Ancient Name:
3.华清池 Huaqing Pool:(1)春寒赐浴华清池,温泉水滑洗凝脂Bai Juyi's Poem (Tang Dynasty Poet)(2)侍儿扶起娇无力,始是新承恩泽时 Bai Juyi's Poem (Tang Dynasty Poet).(3)杨贵妃生平 Biography of Yang Guifei
4.西安事变遗址 Xian Incident 5.大雁塔 Big Goose Pagoda 6.大慈恩寺 Great Grace Temple 7.二圣碑 Two Royal Monuments 8.玄奘三藏院 Xuanzang Sanzo School 9.瘥雁建塔 Legend on the Construction of Great Goose Pagoda
10.雁塔题名 Goose Title(1)春风得意马蹄疾,一日看尽长安花 Meng Jiao's Poem (Tang Dynasty Poet) 11.玄奘西天取经的经过 Monk Xuanzang's Pilgrimage To The West:(1)法门之领袖,真如之冠冕Leader Of Buddhism And Zhenru Guanmian
(2)宁向西方一步死,绝不向后一步生 Xuanzang : " I Would Rather Die Going To The West Than Live By Staying In The East" (3) 玄奘将75部佛经译成汉文 Monk Xuanzang Completed Translation Of 75 Volumes Of Buddhist Sutra
12.秦始皇陵与兵马俑坑 Mausoleum Of The First Qin Emperor:(1)秦时明月汉时关,万里长征人未还 Wangchanglin's Poem (Tang Dynasty Poet)(2)世界第八大奇迹 8th Wonders Of The World(3)秦始皇陵 Qinshihuang Mausoleum
(4)兵马俑坑 Terracotta Warriors Pit Tomb(5)不看秦俑,不算真正到过中国 Not Seeing Terracotta, You have Not really visited China(6)河曲马的由来 The Origin of Bend Horse
(7)万世基业,农民心态Emperor Qin Expected Himself To Have Eternal Possession Of The Kingdom But His State Of Mind Was Simply Like Farmers
(三) 兰州市 Lanzhou: 1. 走进甘肃省 Gansu Province 2. 河西走廊的起点 Starting Point Of Hexi Corridor(1)兰州市又称“金城” Lanzhou Also Called(2)重工业城市 Heavy Industry City
3. 中山铁桥 Zhongshan Iron Bridge 4. 黄河母亲像 Yellow Mother Sculpture 5. 白塔山公园 Baita Mountain Park 6. 五泉山公园 Wu Quanshan Park
(四) 嘉峪关 Jiayu Pass: 1.河西重镇,边陲锁阴 Important City In Hexi Area 2.天下第一雄关 No.1 Great Wall Pass 3.古代战场遗址,兵家必争之地 Old Battle Field With Great Military Importance
4.最后一砖 The Story Of Last Brick 5.击石燕鸣 Lengend On The Strike Of A Stone Hearing A "Chirping" Sound (Yanming) 6. 悬壁长城 Hanging Great Wall 7. 嘉峪关长城博物馆 Great Wall Museum
(五)敦煌 Dunhuang:1.敦煌市 Dunhuang City(1)元宵灯会,敦煌第二 Dunghuang Was No.2 At The Lantern Festival In Old Days(2)客从远方来,相随歌且笑 Welcome Visitors To Dunhuang City(3)骑骆驼 Camel Ride、鸣沙山 Echo Mountain、月牙泉 Moon Spring
2.莫高窟 Mogao Grottoes:(1)壁画雕塑独步世界 Dunhuang Arts Are Unique In The World(2)手电筒照明下欣赏敦煌艺术 Viewing Dunhuang Arts Under A Torch Light(3)莫高窟洞内每寸地方都是艺术精品 Inside The Mogao Caves, Every Inch Of Space Is Full Of Dunhuang Arts And Sculptures
(六)哈密 Hami: 1.进入新疆 Xinjing Province:(1)新疆之大: 三山夹两盆 How Big Is Xinjing= 3 Big mountains+ 2 Big Basins2.丝绸之路北道 Northern Part Of Silk Road:(1)哈密瓜、雪山驼掌 Cantaloupe(Melon)、Snow-Capped Mountain Camel Palm (2)哈密王陵 Muslim Kings' Mausoleum
3.巴里坤大草原 Balikun Prairies(1)新疆第二大草原 Second Largest Prairies In Xinjing(2)天苍苍野茫茫,风吹草低见牛羊 Green And Wild And Vast,Wind-Swept Pastures Of Cows And Sheep (3)天马故乡 Pegasus's Hometown (4)镜泉宿月”的故事 The Legend on the "Mirror Spring"
(七) 吐鲁番 Turpan 1.富庶丰饶之地 A Fertile Land: (1)张骞出使西域 Zhang Qian Was China's First Ambassdor To The West(2)最热、少雨、洼地 Extremely Hot、Less Rain、Lowland
2.火焰山 Flaming Mountain: (1)唐三藏路阻火焰山, 孙行者三调芭蕉扇 A Description From "Journey To The West" (2) 赤焰烧虏云, 炎气蒸塞空 Cen Shen's Poem (Tang Dynasty Poet) (3)火云满山凝未开, 飞鸟千里不敢来 Cen Shen's Poem (Tang Dynasty Poet)
3.葡萄沟 Turpan Grape Valley: (1)吐鲁番的葡萄哈密的瓜 Turpan's Grape And Hami's Melon(2)无核白葡萄, 中国绿珍珠 The Seedless Grapes Are China's Green Pearls(3)维吾尔族民俗馆 Uygur Folk Museum .
4.坎儿井 Turpan Karez:(1)地下运河 Underground Canal(2)绿洲、生命之泉 Oasis,The Spring Of Life 5.交河故城、高昌故城 Jiaohe Ancient City And Gaochang Ancient City(1)古丝绸之路上的名城 Famous Cities Of The Old Silk Road 6.苏公塔 Su Gong Ta(1)伊斯兰教古塔 Islam Tower
(八)乌鲁木齐 Urumqi 1.优美的牧场 Beautiful Pasture:(1)忽如一夜春风来,千树万树梨花开 Cen Shen's Poem (Tang Dynasty Poet)(2)煤田上的城市,油海上的煤船 A City Rich In Coal And Oil Production(3)距离海洋最远的一个城市 The Farthest City In The World From The Ocean
2.巴札 Bazar:(1)二道桥巴札、新疆国际大巴札 Erdaoqiao Market And Xinjing International Great Bazar3.红山公园 Hongshan Park: (1)红山夕照 Beautiful Sunset View At Hongshan(2)万景俱从一阁收 A Bird's Eye View From Hongshan Park(3)云罩妖魔山,地上水漂船 A Folk Song
4.探访哈萨克人住处 Home Visit To Kazakh 5.天山、天池 Tianshan,Tianchi: (1)西王母与周穆王瑶池相会 A Legend On A Romantic Story(2)八骏日行三万里,穆王何事不重来 Li Shang-Yin Poem (Tang Dynastic Poet)(3)定海神针的传说 A Legend On Zhenhai Pin(Tianchi)
Silk Road Tour (2007)
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