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Beautiful Yangzhou





Photo taken at Slender West Lake, Yangzhou.

Five Pagoda View of Slender West Lake, Yangzhou.

Beautiful scenery of Slender West Lake, Yangzhou.


      Yangzhou(楊州)where Marco Polo once served as a municipal officer around 1282-1287,is an old city with a long history( 2,500 years).The city was one of ten largest cities in the world around 1800 A.D with a  population over half million. The old city name is “Guangling”(廣陵).In olden days, it was a trade centre for salt,rice and silk.

     The population Yangzhou is around 40 million. Situated in the middle part of Jianghuai Plain(江准平原), Yangzhou has now been one of national tourist destinations and has attracted tourists worldwide. Yangzhou is the birth place of Jiang Zemin(江澤民),the former leader of PRC.

     Yangzhou is also very famous for its toy industry (especially stuffed animals). Many tourists from neighboring cities travel to the city for its good-quality but low-priced toys.

     We went to Yangzhou solely for sightseeing. We took a walk at Slender West Lake(瘦西湖). The scenery there was very amazing.

     China’s greatest Poet Li Bai(700-762, 李白) of Tang Dynasty(唐朝) once wrote the following well-known poem pertaining to Yangzhou

    “Sending Meng Haoran off to Yangzhou”送孟浩然之廣陵(楊州)”


     My old friend says farewell;
     At Yellow Crane Pavilion in the west    
     In the mist and flowers of spring
     He goes down to Yangzhou;
     Lonely sail, distant shadow,
     Vanish in blue emptiness;
     All I see is the great river,
     Flowing into the far horizon.



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