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Pearl River Delta Tour






Photo taken at Zhuhai

Opium Museum at Humen Dongguan

South Vietnam Tomb of the Chinese Western Han Period in Guangzhou.


     In 1997, on the eve of Hong Kong’s return to China rule, we responded to a   "Return Campus Call" from the Chung Chi Alumni, Chinese University of Hong Kong and took part in a Pearl River Delta Tour (PRD)(珠江三角洲)in Guangdong Province(廣東省), China. Since the “Open Door” policy adopted by the Chinese Government in the late 1970s, the Pearl River Delta has become one of the leading economic zone and a major manufacturing centre of China. We visited Guangzhou(廣州), Shenzhen(深圳), Zhuhai(珠海), Dongguan(東莞), and Zhongshan(中山). We personally witnessed the rapid growth of economy in the region. In actual fact, ever since the onset of China’s reform programme, the PRD Zone has become the fastest growing region of the fastest growing large economy in the world.



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