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About Xiamen







Photo taken at Qinglong waterfall

Shopping At Zhongshan Road And Eating Local Cuisines

Wal-Mart Supercenter



     Our second visit to Xiamen (廈門)was in 2008.The purpose of this visit was to go to Wuyisan  Resort(武夷山渡假區). We stayed in our relative’s house for one week and then proceed to make a trip to Wuyisan by plane. Xiamen has become more prosperous ever since our first visit in 2001. People here are getting richer and richer.Most of the family have possessed  private cars. Today,Xiamen has more Taiwan investment than any other mainland city, this is mainly due to the fact that they all speak the same Minnan Dialect (Southern Fujian,閩南語) .Dell and Kodak are the  two leading foreign company that have set up huge production base in Xiamen.

      During our short stay in Xiamen, we paid visit to parks and wet lands. We also  enjoyed Minnan food and shopping.
Xiamen is definitely an affluent and vibrant city.



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