山东游 Shangdong Trip (2010年) 首页 我的遊記 山东游 Shangdong Trip (2010年)
(一) 山东概述 About Shangdong:1.古代称为齐鲁之地 Known as "Qilu" in Ancient Time 2. 山东名字的由来 How Does the Name "Shangdong" come from? 3. 旅游资源丰富 Abundant Tourism Resources
4. 气候四季分明,今年变不正常The Weather Becomes Abnormal This Year 5. 面积虽不很大,人口却非常多The Land Area Is Not So Big But Its Population Density Is high 6. 农业大省,物产丰富A Large Province With Abundant Agricultural Poducts
7. 粮食棉油之库,水果蔬菜之乡A Godown for Cereal,Oil And Foodstuffs And Home For Fruits And Vegetables 8. 鲁菜 Lu Cuisines 9. 山东历史简述A Brief History Of Shangdong 10. 齐鲁之邦,礼仪之邦Qilu Country,Moral Country
11.人杰地灵,名家辈出Many Famous People In Shangdong 12. 旷世奇才,纷集齐鲁All Remarkable Talents And Genius Lived in Qilu
(二)青岛Qingdao:1.新加坡、上海、青岛 Singapore,Shanghai, Qingdau 2.青岛概况 About Qingdao 3.青岛是中国最多名衔的城市 Qingdao Won The Most Titles 4.青岛历史沿革 History Of Qingdau 5.青岛旅游景点特色 Scenic Spots(1)崂山北九水Laoshan Scenic Area
(2)十梅庵公园 Shi Mei Temple Park (3)青岛啤酒厂Qingtao Beer Factory(4)栈桥海滨、栈桥公园 Zhanqiao Pier,Zhanqiao Park (5) 八大关风景区 Badaguan(8 Great Pass) (6) 东海路雕塑一条街 Donghai Sculpture Road (7).五四广场 May 4th Square (8) 青岛迎宾馆 Qingdao Guesthouse
(9) 音乐广场 Music Square (10) 奥林匹克帆船中心 Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre (11) 青岛海军博物馆 Qingdao Naval Museum (12) 小鱼山公园 Xiaoyushan Park(Little Fish Hill(13) 鲁迅公园 Lu Xun Park (14) 青岛太平角公园 Taping Cape Park (15) 小青岛 Little Qingdao Isle(16)中山 公 园 (17)康 有 為 故 居
(三)烟台 Yantai:1.人间仙境和旅游胜地 A Fairy Land And Tourist Attractions 2.美丽的港口城市 A Beautiful Port City 3.蓬箂水域 Penglai Waters 4.戚继光简介 Biography of Qi Jiguang 5.蓬箂阁 Penglai Pavilion(6)登州古船博物馆 Pe Old Ship Museum 7. 张裕葡萄酿酒厰Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co
(四)潍坊 Weifang:1.南苏州,北潍县China's Handicraft City: Suzhou In The South,Weifang In The North 2.农工业发展快速 Rapid Developemt In Agriculture Industry 3.胶东走廊 Jiaodong Corridor 4.世界风筝都,木版年画地 Kite Capital of the World And Home of CNY Pictures/Woodprints
5.人文荟萃,英杰辈出 Abundant Human Resources 6.潍坊风筝的历史 Kite History of Weifang 7.潍坊国际风筝会 Weifang International Kite Association 8.潍坊国际风筝节 Weifang International Kite Festival
9.杨家埠民间艺术大观园Yangjiabu Folk Culture Village(1)纸花如雪满天飞,娇女秋千打四围 Cheng Pan-Chiao's Poemage(2)风筝与木板年画工艺 Kites And Woodprints(3)杨家埠年画历史沿革 Yangjiabu CNY Pictures/Woodprints(4)杨家埠木版年画 Yangjiabu Woodcuts (5)木版年画作坊 Woodprints Workshop
(6)杨家埠风筝博物馆 Yangjiabu Kites Museum (7)杨家埠风筝作坊 Yangjiabu Kites Workshop (8)年画、风筝故乡Home For Kites And CNY Pictures (9)门神画中武门神的传说 Legend on Wumenshen(Door God)(10)灶王”的传说 Legend On The God Of The Kitchen(Zaowang)
(五)淄博 About Zibo:1.古代齐国的国都Ancient Qi Capital2.春秋五霸之首,战国七雄之冠 Ringleader In Spring And Autumn Period,Head Of 7 Kingdoms In War Period 3.齐国历史博物馆 History Of Qi Dynasty Museum 4.东周殉马坑 Burial Site For Horses In Tung Chou Dynasty
5.中国古车博物馆China Ancient Car Museum(1)中国古代交通演进史The Evolution Of Ancient China's Transportation(2)春秋殉车马展厅Exhibition Of Burried Horses And Cars In Spring And Autumn Period(3)古车陈列展厅Ancient Cars Exhibition Hall
(4)中国最先发明了马镫Horse Stirrup Was Invented By Ancient China 6.周村大街Zhoucun Street:(1)天下第一村1st Village In China(2)中国古时“四大码头Four Famous Docks in Ancient China(3)手工业集散地Handicrafts Distribution Centre
(4)周村之最 Highlights Of Zhaocun(5)主街名叫:“大街 Its Main Street Called " Big Street" (6) 大街不大,日进斗金 Big Street Was Not Big Enough But Its Daily Tradings Worth Up To One Bucket Of Gold (7) “今日无税”碑 "Today No Tax" Monument
(8) 周村烧饼起源于汉代的“胡饼”Zhaocun's Clay Oven Rolls Originated From "Hu Cakes" In Han Dynasty (9) 薄、香、酥、脆 Zhaocun Clay Oven Rolls: Razor Thin, Fragrant,Crisp,Brittle.10. 在董家镇采摘草莓 Picking Strawberry In Dongjiazhen
(六)泰安、泰山Taian And MtTaishan: 1.泰山安则天下皆安The Whole World Will Be In Peace If Mt.Taishan Is In Peace 2. 天下第一山No.1 Mountain 3. 72个帝王在此封禅A Total Of 72 Emperors Worshipped The Heaven Here
4.五岳独尊”---泰山 Mt.Taishan Is Highly Respected Among The Other 5 High Mountains 5. 玉皇顶 、玉皇庙Yuhuang Peak And Yuhuang Temple 6.封禅名山Famous Mountain For Worshipping Only 7.唐摩崖 、清摩崖Tang Monument And Qing Monument
8.泰山日出Sunrise In Mt Taishan 9. 望岳詩DU Fu Poem(Tang Dynasty Poet) 10. 登泰山而小天下When You Reach To The Top Of The Mt.Taishan,You Will Find That The World Is Small
(七)曲阜简介 About Qufu (Confucius Hometown)1.东方圣城 Oriental Holy City 2.西方人士誉为“东方耶路撒冷"Westerners Called "Eastern Jerusalem" 3. 历史沿革 History in Brief (1) 鲁国的诞生The Birth of Lu
(2) 鲁王建王宫发现孔壁藏书 Emperor Lu Found Classical Books From Confucius's House(3)金人恢复曲阜旧名 "Qufu" Was Renamed By Jin Dynasty 4. 清皇帝10多次到曲阜“朝圣”Qing Emperor Paid 10 times Of Pilgrimage To Qufu
5. 世界文化遗产名录 Declared By UNESCO As World Cultural Heritage 6.中国文化旅游名城 Chinese Cultural Tour City 7.特色饮食 Special Cuisines 8.曲阜国际孔子文化节 Qufu International Confucius Cultural Festival
9.孔子简介 About Confucius (1)孔子生平 Biography Of Conficious (2)核心思想是“仁 "Jen" (Benevolence)Is The Core Of Confucius Thought (3) 生前未受重视,死后得到尊崇 Confucius Was Highly Respected After His Death
(4)家族受尽历朝尊崇 The Family Of Confucius Was Highly Respected By Various Dynasties (5)尊孔反孔历代不同 Pro Or Anti-Confucianism Varied From Various Dynasties
10.孔庙:Confucius Temple (1)孔庙本称圣庙 Its Original Name Called "Holy Temple" (2)中国古代三大建筑群之一 One Of The Three Gigantic Buildings In Ancient China
(3)罢黜百家,独尊儒术 Emperor Wu Proscribed All Non-Confucianism Schools Of Thought And Espousing Confucianism As The Orthodox State Ideology (4)金声玉振坊 Jinsheng Yu-Zhen Square(5)棂星门 Lattice Star Door
(6)圣时门 Holy Door (7)弘道门Iromichi Door (8)奎文阁 Cravens House (9)十三碑亭 Thirteen Beiting (10)大成门 Great Gate (11)杏坛 Xingtan (12)大成殿Dacheng Hall (13)寝殿 Rest Room (14)圣迹殿 Shrine Hall
11.孔府 Confucius Mansion (1)天下第一家 First Family (2)珍贵文物,商周十器 Precious Treasure (3)封建贵族庄园 A Feudal Noble Family (4)开钱庄 、出钞票、 养军 Own Bank, Own Money, Own Army
(5)历代尊崇孔子,泽及后代子孙 Confucius Was Highly Respected By Various Dynasties (6)大门Big Door (7)二门 Second Door (8)重光门Re-Light Door (9)大堂Big Hall
(10)二堂Second Hall (11)三堂Third Hall (12)内宅门Inner Family Door(13)前上房Front Upper Room(14)前堂楼 Front Hall Building (15)后堂楼 Rear Hall Building (16)孔府花园 Confucious Mansion Garden
12. 孔林 Confucius Forest(Cemetery)(1)至圣林 Holy Forest (2)碑石片片,石仪成群Tomb Monuments And Animal Sculptures Can Be Seen Inside The Cemetery (3)沿用2,500年超过10万座墓葬 More Than Hundred Thousand Graves In The Cemetery
(4)子贡庐墓处 Zigong Tomb Keeping Place (5)子贡手植楷The Chinese Pistache Planted By Zigong (6)于氏坊”与衍圣公孔宪培墓 Emperor Qianlong Daughter's Memorial
(八)济南概况 About Jinan:1.山东省省会---济南 Capital City 2.名称的由来 Where Does The Name Jinan Come From? 3.家家泉水,户户垂杨 A Spring Cit 4.四季分明,日照充分 Four Seasons With Sufficient Sunshine 5.济南旅游业Jinan Tourism
6.中华文明的重要发祥地Important Place For The Birth Of Chinese Civilization 7.交通便利,四通八达Fast And Easy Transportations 8.中国经济综合实力50强 Top 50 China Comprehensive Economic Strength
9..齐鲁大地,人才密集 Ample Human Resources In Qilu Region 10.济南名士多 Many Well-Known People In Jinan:(1)古代名人 Ancient Time (2)现代名人 Contemporary(3)其他名人 Others !1.济南惨案纪念园 May 3rd Tragedy Memorial Park
12.泉城”---济南 Spring City---Jinan 13.泉城广场 Jinan Square 14.解放阁 Liberation Tower: (1)纪念济南解放 To Commemorate The Liberation Of Jinan(2)纪念大厅 Memorial Hall(3)观瞻厅Viewing Hall(4)济南标志性的建築 A Landmark Building
15.大明湖 Daming Lake:(1)老殘詩:四面荷花三面柳,一城山色半城湖 Laochan's Poem(2)大明湖里“四怪” Four Strange Mystery In Daming Lake(3)曾巩詩:漾舟明湖上,清镜照衰颜 Zeng Gong's Poem(4)景色秀美,游人如织 Beautiful Scenery
(5)文人笔下大明湖景色 Daming Lake Under The Description Of Scholars(6)大明湖中景观,纪念古人政绩 Scenic Spots For Ancient Prominent People(7)杜甫詩:海右此亭古,济南名士多Du Fu's Poem
16.趵突泉Bao Tu Spring: (1)济南泉水从何而来? Where does The Spring Of Jinan Come From?(2)天下第一泉 No.1 Spring(3)四大名泉 Four Famous Springs(4)康熙皇帝题字: 激湍 Qing Emperor Kangxi's Calligraphy:
(5)文人笔下的趵突泉 Bao Tu Spring As Described By The Scholars(6)我所看到的趵突泉 What Did I See About Bao Tu Spring? (7)趵突泉近况 Latest Conditions On Bao Tu Spring
17.李清照纪念堂 Li Qingzhao Memorial Hall:(1)一代词人,传颂千秋My Favourite Poetess(2)常记溪亭日暮 Li Qingzhao's Poem (3)昨夜雨疏风骤Li Qingzhao's Poem (4)李清照简介 Biography Of Li Qingzhao
18.黑虎泉Heihuquan Spring:(1)晏壁詩:石蟠水府色苍苍,深处浑如黑虎藏 A Poem(2)赑屃---龙王之第六子 Bixi---The 6th Son Of Dragon King 19.曹州牡丹园 Caozhou Peony Garden:(1)世界上面积最大牡丹园 The Largest Peony Garden In The World
(2)牡丹芍药标准化示范园区 Peony And Paeoria Lactiflora's Demonstration Garden(3)牡丹仙女的传说故事 Legendary Stories On Peony Fairies(4)国际牡丹花会 International Peony Festival
Shangdong Trip (2010)
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