北婆罗洲神山游击队 Kinabalu Guerrillas (2018年) 首页 我的遊記 北婆罗洲神山游击队 Kinabalu Guerrillas (2018年)
前言 Introduction 1.我為何要翻譯“神山游击队”(Kinabalu Guerrillas) 这本書? Why Should I TranslateThe Book “Kinabalu Guerrillas”? 两个月时间完成翻译工作Two Months To Complete The Translation Work 2.马克斯韦尔•霍尔(John Maxwell Hall)何许人也? Who Is John Maxwell Hall 生平简介 Biography
3“神山游击隊一書内容概述 The Contents郭益南领导“双十节起义事件” The Double Tenth Revolt游击队杀敌40-50人,放火烧燬码头货仓 Killed 40-50 Enemies 176名游击队员遭集体屠杀176 Guerrillas Were Massacred毕达加士大屠杀过程Petagas Massacre神山游击队纪念公园 Kinabalu Guerrillas Memorial Park
4.郭益南 中尉简介Biography: 组织抗日 “神山游击队”To Organise An Anti-Japanese “Kinabalu Guerrillas”悬壼济世,精於医治痔瘡A Specialist Doctor of Hemorrhoids medicine treatment是一名爱国者及英雄 He Was A Hero And A Patriot
5.日本北婆四邦最高统帅兼军事总长前田利為侯爵(Marquis Maeda):生平介绍 Biography墜机身亡 Died At Aeroplane Crash 6.日本马场正男(Maso Baba,1892-1947)中将在纳闽(Labuan)签署投降书Japanese Surrender in Labuan Represented By Maso Baba.
7.山打根死亡行軍Sandakan Death March: 东南亞战場三大“死亡行軍”3 Major Death March In SEA畢達加斯大屠杀与山打根死亡行軍 Petagas massacre And Sandakan Death March第一次死亡行军 1st Death March第二次死亡行军 2nd Death March第三次死亡行军 3rd Death March6名幸存者的逃亡经过 6 Survivors Escaped From the March
8.日本迄今未对其所犯的战争罪行悔过与道歉No repentance and apology一点感想A Little Bit Feeling保留记忆、勿忘历史Keep Memory And History自由总是要付出代价的FreedomIs NotFree德国敢於面对历史, 日本不敢正視历史Germany Dares To Face History,Japan Dares Not日本若不反省历史, 無法获取世人諒解Japan Cannot Get Forgive From The World
(一)日本人來了! The Coming Of The Japanese 1.北婆罗洲最长的一列火车The Longest Train in North Borneo 2.日軍登陸纳闽The Japanese Army Landed in Labuan 3.渣打公司職員及前官員何去何从 The Standard Chartered Co employees and former officials go from here?
4.双方官员签署文件 Dcuments Signed By Both Party Officials 5.公务员继续履行职务 Civil Servants Continue To Perform Their Duties 6.欧洲籍官员被监禁 European Officials Imprisoned
7.日本人统治概况 Japanese Rule Overview 8.北婆罗洲志愿军 North Borneo Volunteers
9. 志愿军迟来的褒奖 Volunteers Belated Compliment and Award. 10. 日本人推动东亚共荣圈价值覌Japanese Promote The Value Of East Asia Co-Prosperity Circle 11. 土著头人的徽章 The Badges Of The Aboriginal Headman
12.日本人收集情報,点滴不漏Japanese Collected Information Without Leaking13.医療用品極度缺乏Medical Supplies were extremely Inadequate14.收集糧食強徵劳工Collecting Food.Forced Labor15.妓業鼎盛,充斥慰安妇The Prostitutes'Industry Was Flourishing,Full Of Comfort Women16.日本警察Japan Police
17.亞庇体育俱樂部成憲兵拷问中心Jesselton Sports Club Became An Interrogation Centre of The Japanese Kempeitai18.日本人布下天罗地网收集情報The Japanese dragged Net To Collect Information
19.锡克族(Sikh)警员之命运 The Fate Of Sikh Police Constables 20. 日本人施“以团体保个人”制度 The Japanese Used A System Of
22.兰脑(Ranau)与冰箱岸((Pensiangan)為调兵中心 Ranau And Pensiangan Was The Centre For The Transfer Of Troops 23. 经济情况,一厥不振 Economic Situation Came To A Standstill
24.日本货币如废纸,变得一文不值 Japanese Currency, Like Waste Paper, Became Valueless 25. 日本公司试图垄断经营失败 Japanese Company Failed To Monopolize The Business Market
26.日治时期的邮票 The Stamps Of The Japanese occupation 27.救华会 China Relief Fund 28.郑美川猝逝震惊华社 The Suddent Death Of Tay Bee Chuan shocked the Chinese community.29. 一斤糖吸引力胜过日本人的宴会 A Pound Of Sugar Is More Attractive Than A Japanese Banque
30. 杜顺人因与日本人比武更受尊重 The Dusun Won More Respect From Japanese Due To Tournament 31.日本人食人肉的故事 The Story Of Japanese Cannibalism
( 二)双十節事件 Double Tenth Revolt: 1.日本北婆四邦最高统帥前田利為侯爵墜机身亡Marquis Maeda Toshinari,The Highest Commander Of North Borneo 4 States, Died In An Air Crash.2.郭益南简介 Brief Introduction On Albert Kwok
3.林廷法負责与菲律賓之美軍代理人接觸. Lim Keng Fatt Was Responsible For Contacting The U.S. Military Agents In The Philippines.
4.苏祿(Sulu)人是 “海上吉甫赛” 人 Sulu People Are Sea Gypsies
5. 郭益南 二次赴打威打威,並筹组游击隊 Albert Kwok Went To Tawi-Tawi Twice In Order To Organize Guerrilla Warfare
6. 北婆各族人民筹義款55万元抗敵 All Ethnic Groups of People In North Borneo Raised Fund $550,000 To Fight The Enemy
7. "慕沙”与 "杜尔丽斯” Musah and Duallis
8. 查士得少校对局势的劝告 Major F.G.L, Chester,OBE Advice On The Situation 9. 日本人計劃強徵3,000千名华裔青年入伍 The Japanese Plan To Enforce Conscrption Of 3,000 Chinese Youth
10. “双十节”起义点燃战火 "Double Tenth Revolt" ignited the war
12. “双十節” 起義前夕 On The Eve Of "Double Tenth Revolt"
13. 游擊隊由三个方向突袭亞庇 The Guerrillas Raided Jesselton From 3 Directions
14. 起義成功, 順利撤退 A Successful Uprising, A Smooth Retreat
15.“一夜之勝利”后游擊隊返回孟家達总部 After "One Night's Victory," The Guerrillas Returned To Menggatal Headquarters 16.斗亞蘭抗日情况 Fighting Against Japanese In Tuaran
17. “拉者乔治”领导古打毛律抗敌 Rajah George Led The People Of Kota Belud To Fight Enemy 18.本地土著心态 The Attitude Of Local Natives
19.日军开始围剿,游击队撤离汶西坑总部 The Japanese Army Began To Encirclement And Suppression,The Guerrillas Evacuated Mansiang Headquarters 20.游击队殿后指挥员张其霖溺毙殉职 20.Guerrillas Rearguard Chong Chee Syn Drowned In The Rapids Of The River.
21.游击队藏匿在 “建山” The Guerrillas Were Hiding In Kiangsam
22.一件不幸的事件发生,郭益南等藏匿地点曝光An Unfortunate Incident Occurred,Albert Kwok's Hiding Place Was Exposed 23.日军以当地居民生命胁迫张富贵交人The Japanese Threatened On The Life Of The Local People And Forced Chong Fu Kui To Surrender Persons
24. 郭益南捨身就義, 被迫投降.Albert Kwok Was Forced To Surrender And Threw Himself To Enemy.25.其他一些參与神山游擊隊者的下場 The Last Days Of Others Who Took Part In The Uprising
(三) 嚴峻的考驗 Ordeal
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