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Revisit Longyan




Photo taken on the street of Longyan

 Longyan City View



     Longyan(龙岩) is my hometown because my ancestry shows that I am originally descended from Longyan. This is my second visit to Longyan. My first visit was in 2001.At that time,  Xiamen(厦门) to Longyan highway was not fully completed, it took me more than 3 hours on the bumping road. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of tunnels that have shortened the time on the road.  I only spent 2 hours on the highway very comfortably. Longyan has been developing very fast since my visit 13 years ago.

     The history of Longyan can date back to Tang Dynasty(唐朝)in736AD. Due to the ancient conflicts in central China and the aggression from the northern tribes, many Han People(漢人)moved from central China to Longyan. They were later known as Hakka People(客家人).


Xiamen-Longyan Highway Tunnels

Longyan at Night




     Geographically Longyan is situated at the west of Fujian China, bordering by Quanzhou(泉州) and Sanming(三明) in the east and north. It also neighbours  Ganzhou

(贛州) of Jiangxi Province(江西省) in the west and Meizhou(梅州) of Guangdong Province(广东省)in the south. That is why it is commonly named Minxi(闽西 Western Fujian).

     Longyan is well-known for it as the  “Home of Hakka People”( 客家祖地) because about 75% of its population is composed of Hakka People. Changing County (長汀県)is always referred to as  “the Capital of Hakka People”( 客家首府), while the Ting River(汀江)  is known as the  “Mother River of the Hakka People”( 客家母親河).

     Longyan serves as a strategic centre for the distribution of goods to Xiamen(厦门), Quanzhou(泉州) and Zhangzhou(漳州). It also acts as a gateway for trade with Guangdong and Jiangxi Province. It is the main connection between the inland and coastal area.

     Unlike many Chinese cities, the forest coverage of Longyan reaches an unusually high of 77.9%, which is unparalleled in Fujian Province. In addition, Longyan is also rich in natural resources such as full of mineral deposits.


Tian Wang Miao (A Buddhist Temple天王廟)

Guangzhi Mountain Scenic Spots (冠豸山}   



     The climate of Longyan is quite good so it is an all year round tourist destination. I think it is due to the fact that the city belongs to the subtropical zone, enjoying an oceanic monsoon climate. Its weather is classified as moderate all the year round, with short, mild winters, and long, hot and humid summers. In other words, it is without chilly winter and torrid summer, the annual average temperature falls between 18 and 20 degree centigrade

     There are some special products in Longyan, just name a few: Chanting dried bean curd(长汀豆腐干), Liancheng dried sweet potato(连城红心地瓜干), Zhangping dried bamboo shoot(漳平竹筍干), Xinluo rice noodle and peanut(新罗粉麵及花生),  Xuan paper (宣纸Chinese calligraphic paper), Yongding persimmon(永定柿子). Neither one of them that I like to bring it back to Sabah.

     I was told that there were many thousands of people from Longyan joined the revolution and died during the Chinese Civil War, hence a total of 68 people were awarded as Generals . Longyan is also named after "The Home of Generals".

      Lastly, I was surprised to know that there is an university of higher learning set up in Longyan. Its name is Longyan University with 8,000 undergraduates.

I only stayed one night in Longyan for the wedding dinner and returned to Xiamen on the following day.


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