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Beautiful Huangsan Tour








Photo taken at the mountaintop of Huangsan on rainy day

Huangshan pine trees.The Chinese like the character of Huangshan pine
because it grows in the rocks and under the hard conditions.

The mountaintops of Huangsan often offer magnificent views
of the clouds known as "Sea of Clouds".



    Mt. Hungshan(黄山) was designated as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, and later declared as a World Geologic Park in 2004. Among all the scenic mountains which I have so far visited in China, Mt.Huangshan is the best. It has 5 natural wonders, namely: the strange pines(奇松), the spectacular rock formations(怪石), the sea of clouds (雲海) Winter Snow(冬雪) and hot springs(温泉).Apart from the five natural wonders, it also has numerous cultural relics, old villages and historical sites. Due to Mt Huangshan’s Double World Heritages, it has attracted tourists from all over the world.




The Welcoming Guest Pine (迎客松)

The winter snowfall is renowned as the “Fifth Wonder of Mt.Huangshan ”.

Believe or not. As the lengend has it that his rock fell from the sky.(飞來石)



     In the year of 2007, we embarked on a trip to Mt. Huangshan. Upon arrival, it was raining cats and dogs. Our Cable Car was compelled to stop on the air for five minutes before it took us to the peak of the mountain. We stayed one night at the hotel there but failed to see the sunrise due to poor weather. On the following days, we visited some old villages at its vicinity such as Wuyan(婺源),Hongcun(宏村),Leekeng(李坑).



Huizhou Ancient Arch (古牌楼) is one of the three main Huangsan
Cultures. The other two are ancient house and ancient shrine.

Huangsan Chinese painting

Huangsan hot spring



     There is a Chinese saying, “Returning from Mt. Huangshan, you don’t need to see any other mountains”(黄山歸來不看岳).


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