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The Qinhuai River (秦淮河) is "Nanjing's mother river". It is a river that
runs throughcentral Nanjing.So it becomes the "life blood" of the city.

Dr.Sun Yat San Mausoleum (中山陵)

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall(南京大屠杀纪念馆)




     Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province(江蘇省). Located in the Delt Yangtze River (長江三角洲), it was the capital of Sun Qian(孫權) during the Three Kingdom Period(三國時代) and also the capital of the Republic of China(ROC) before it fled to Taiwan during China Civil War in 1949. It is recognized as one of the four ancient capitals of China , e.g. Beijing北京,Laoyang洛陽, Xian西安,Nanjing南京, With a population of 4 million, Nanjing is the 2nd largest commercial centre  in the East China after Shanghai.

     We only visited two places in Nanjing:

    (1) Dr. Sun Yat San Mausoleum(中山陵)and  (2)Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall(南京大屠殺紀念館) . Dr. Sun was buried here.. He was considered to be the "Father of Modern China" both in Mainland China(PRC) and in Taiwan (ROC). Dr, Sun led the 1911 China Revolution to end the Qing monarchy(大清皇朝) and to form the Republic of China. His tomb with marble coffin was on the top of the hill. There were 392 steps leading to the vault. My wife and I had  to take a rest for several times before reaching the hilltop.Dr, Sun’s Mausoleum reminded us the architectural design and its influence of  Taipei’s Chiang Kai-Shek  Memorial Hall(台北中正紀念堂)today. Visiting Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall(南京大屠殺紀念館) was indeed a sad thing, particulary visitors could see a lot of atrocious events happened during the Japanese occupation in Nanjing.

     The most notorious and cruel one was a  “Killing Contest  between two Japanese soldiers”( 日本兵殺人比賽) It was estimated that 340,000 Chinese civilians and soldiers were killed during the period of 6 week’s massacre after the fall of Nanjing. We all hope that Japanese should  know how to repent themselves, history of astrocity relating to this nature should not happen again.

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