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Meizhou 1-Day Tour






Photo taken at Meizhou Park

Meizhou Temple

God Pageant Ceremony



      Meizhou Island(湄洲岛)is a tiny island very close to Putian(浦田). Being a birth place of goddess Mazu(媽祖), it is very well-known to Overseas Chinese especially the people of Taiwan.

     Nowadays,Meizhou Island is regarded as a holy land of Mazu culture. Mazu was born in 960AD . She died at the age of 27. According to the legend, she was a very kind-hearted girl and always helping those in trouble. And even after her death, she would always come to rescue ships in danger at sea. Therefore, she was highly respected by the worshippers throughout the world. At present, there are more than 5,000 Mazu Temples originated from Meizhou Island scattered around the world. Over 200 million people in the world are Mazu believers. They all consider Meizhou Island as the  “ Oriental Mecca”. Hence, Meizhou Island has become a sacred place for Mazu worshippers to pay pilgrimage. Each year, there are thousands of worshippers flocked into Meizhou Island particularly from Taiwan.So, Mazu now becomes a tie linking the mainland China and Taiwan, which has aroused the interest of the world.

     The inhabitants in Meizou Island is 38,000.

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